1. Alright, so you want something sweet, refreshing, and isn’t made by coca-cola? Son, agua fresca is the fucking JAM. Look, all the shit you need is:

    6 cups of fruit (I used cantaloupe, but you can use strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, etc)
    1 cup of ice
    3 cups of water
    3 tablespoons of lime juice
    3 tablespoons of agave or cane sugar
    pinch of salt

    Toss all that shit in a blender and zap it. Fucking done. Some people strain the blended fruit for pulp, which makes the consistency a bit more watery. Not me, I like some pulp in that shit. Every sip reminds me what I’m drinking isn’t gasoline.  

    Natural sugar is way better for you than that garbage they put in soda.  No bitch, I don’t “wanta Fanta” go get the fuck on. Shit.

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    Seriously, I’m going to try this, just because of the fuckin’ recipe.
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