1. good nutrition ain’t just for a thug. on a hot day, my pup enjoys the fuck outta some frozen peas. they are just one of many veggies that are suitable for dogs to eat mixed in with their diet. it’s a healthy treat and helps make her coat shiny as fuck. do some research on your pet’s diet. check what kind of shit they are putting in the food you buy for your pet; if corn or corn starch are the first ingredients, throw that right in the garbage where it belongs. that shit is not good for them.

    I know what you’re thinking, “man, that healthy pet food is mad expensive though” and then I’m gonna ask how much money you spent on your own food just this week alone? then ask if you give a fuck about your pet, because they can’t choose what they eat, you do. personally I’d rather be broke as fuck and have a healthy pet that loves me like cray. money ain’t shit next to that.

    my dog is so fucking healthy that when we go to the vet, the vet pays me. real talk.

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