1. Book

    You guys should do a fucking cookbook.
    No shit, we’re finishing it right now.

    Well, when can I buy it?
    No specific release date is set yet but you can expect to see it hit shelves October 2014.

    I want that shit now! Why so far away?
    Calm the fuck down. We are taking our time to make sure this book is worthy of your hard earned money. Would you rather we just print pages from the blog? Because we can have that shit ready for you by tomorrow if that’s the case.

    Ok, fine. I can be patient. What’s in the book?
    There will be a fuckton of new recipes and photos that we’re cooking up exclusively for the book. We are also going to include tips on how to save some cash, shop smarter, cook faster, drop some knowledge about veggies, and lots of other dope shit to help you elevate your nutritional game.

    Where will the book be available?
    Rodale is handling the U.S. publishing and House of Anansi is covering Canada. The book will also be available in the UK and Australia courtesy of Little Brown. We’ll have more details on additional territories closer to the release date.

    Are you doing preorders?
    Absofuckinglutely. You can preorder your copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Books-A-Million.

    Will you continue posting on the blog while you’re working on the book?
    Most definitely. We will try to continue posting new shit about once a week but in case you catch us slipping, trust that its for a good fucking reason.

    Press inquiries can be sent to press@thugkitchen.com